Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Pet Whale

On the way home today, Paige and Charli were talking about a theory they had. It was started by Charli who was saying that it was lucky the new ship playground at school didn't have water under it or it might float away. Paige said but it wouldn't be able to float away as the road was in the way.

P: If the roads were made of water it would be able to float away.
C: Yeah!!
P: If the roads were made of water, we could all drive a submarine car to school and then we would get out at school and mum could drive the submarine car home. Then we could have a pet whale and it could swim to school to visit us.

How funny, if the roads were made of water, it makes me think of Dr Suess for some reason, can't think why though.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Holiday

At this point, I kind of wish that we had the second part of the school holidays over again. We got back from Adelaide with plans to go to the beach a few times and get some play dates in with some of the kids from school as well as one of Charli's friends, but ended up going to the beach once and that is about it. PJ did have her best friend over twice and went there as well, but Charli got Bronchitis and as it was the second time in 6mths that she has had it, the doctor is concerned that she also has a slight case of asthma. She was prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler. She took 2 weeks to get better and I have noticed that when she runs around alot or jumps on the trampoline for a while she gets a cough which is not fun, so just keeping an eye on that.

About 3 days after Charli started feeling better I got sick, then it turned into bronchitis, then the doctor told me that my blood pressure is REALLY high. So now I am pretty much confined to the couch. Friends are picking Paige up from school, who by the way absolutely loves her new teacher, I am getting told off if I spend too much time walking around or at the shops or doing too much at home. I have a whole month to wait until I can go back to the doctors to get it checked again and then go from there. Can you tell I am a little frustrated. At least when this happened when I was pregnant, there was a good reason for it, now there is nothing, just high blood pressure and taking it easy and the guilt that comes along with being a stay at home mum and doing nothing.... grrrr!!!

So Paige is back at school and happy, although tired, Charli is her usual happy self and thing are chugging along albeit a bit slower than normal. I guess I could take this time to do some sewing, now there's an idea :)