Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Birthday

Charli had her 3rd birthday this past weekend and we were lucky enough to spend it with her Grandparents. Not only that, but it is Grammy's birthday on the same day as Charli so it was very exciting for her. She is old enough now to understand that it is her day and we did not give Paige any presents so that it was all about Charli. Paige was not very impressed by this, but it was all ok once Charli opened her presents and Paige got to share in the playing, especially the Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Charli wanted "copcakes" for her birthday and she wanted them pink and purple so that request was granted after a visit to the cake decorating shop down the road to purchase the correct colour cupcake cases and sanding sugar, we also managed to find some edible icing fairies in the required colours. Charli even managed to blow all the candles out at once which is a big achievement given she was just recently still blowing her hair up.

The thing is, I am happy that she enjoyed her birthday and stayed up till 1am after having an afternoon nap, but she is 3. She used to be my baby....I was mostly all ok with Paige growing up and going to school because she was SO ready for it. She would have gone crazy if she didn't go to school this year and she is the oldest so it happens, but Charli is my baby, I don't think I am ready for her to grow up so fast. She's all toilet trained, talking clearly, putting her own pants on, putting her own shoes on, puzzle solving little girl and that seems to have just gone all too fast. Not long ago she was bouncing around on her bum and falling asleep under the coffee table and now she is getting all grown up, how did this happen and make it stop, for that matter, make them both stop growing up, then I wont get older either....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Llama Llama

The other day I decided that there would be no ABC Kids in the morning as it takes exponentially longer for Paige to get ready for school when her mind is occupied by television rather than by listening to me. SLOW MOTION is what happens and sometimes a complete stop. Anyway, rather than TV, we had music and for something upbeat I put on the Spice Girls....yes, old and tacky, but I love them. The point is that the first song was "Wannabe" and for those of you who have some musical taste and don't know the chorus it goes "if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.....etc". Paige and Charli were dancing and singing along with this, Paige got it right and was having a was only when I realised what Charli was singing that I laughed myself silly and kept Judd giggling all day.

"if you wanna be my Llama, if you wanna be my Llama"

Still giggle when I think about it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sleep Anywhere

When Paige was little, she was very happy to sleep wherever we happened to be. As long as we had her pram, she would happily fall asleep and stay that way until she had to wake up or until we took her home. It made things really easy and we were able to go pretty much wherever we needed to. When Charli came along, things were different. She didn't like to sleep in the pram and would pretty much only go to sleep if she was put in bed. But then she decided that she would sleep anywhere as long as she was at home and not only that but she could sleep in pretty much any position as long as her thumb was there, and sometimes puppy. She still does it now....very cute.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Football

Last night Paige and Daddy went to the football to see The Bombers play the hawks. Paige was so excited about the prospect of going to the football that she told everyone she saw, her friends at school, her teacher, her Nannie, the bus driver, the get the picture. Not just were they going to the football though, they were going to see The Bombers and eat football food for dinner and go on the train and all "with my Daddy". She was so excited that I was almost waiting for her to pop out of her skin. When we got home from school, she wanted me to call Daddy and tell him to remember to come home and get her before going to the football (worried he would forget her) and when I told her to get changed, she did it in 5 seconds flat after I asked her once.....Guinness World Record or close to it.

Eventually I dropped them at the train station and off they went to the football. Paige had a hotdog and chips with a lemonade for dinner and they proceeded to their seats at the top of the stadium. After a while Paige asked Daddy if there was "dessert at the football" and off they trudged, all the way to the bottom, to get donuts for dessert. When she needed to go to the toilet, Daddy stood guard at the door and got lots of strange looks from the people outside, that is until Paige came out and then he got lots of smiles. Apparently during the match, she declared loudly, on a number of occasions that he was the best Daddy in the whole world, I think she was having fun. At one point, she realised what the time was and I got a text saying "having fun. Paige says she knows it is past her bedtime but we have to stay to the end".

After a resounding victory by The Bombers they attempted to catch the train home. 40 minutes later after not even reaching the platform, I got a call saying "Please can you come pick us up from the the city". For Daddy, the most stressful part of the whole night was trying to keep a 5 year old safe in a crowd of post football, trying to catch a train grownups. You don't realise how easy it would be for a 5 year old to get squished in a crowd until you experience it and then Daddy suddenly finds out exactly how protective he is and the length he is prepared to go to to keep his little girl safe. So I picked them up and 30 seconds after getting into her car seat, she was sound asleep....well, it was 11.45pm, only 4 hours past her bed time. But it was Oh So Worth It =)

Monday, May 4, 2009

There is No Substitute for a Nannie Kiss....

To make everything all better. Today Charli was unwell and Paige was recovering from spending the night throwing up. Whilst Paige is now fine, Charli is developing a head cold and is pretty miserable. There was alot of whining and grizzling coming from the both of them today and of course, there was clumsy. Clumsy always happens to Charli when she is feeling unwell, she falls or trips or walks into things and today we had all of them. She tripped over the change from tiles to floor boards twice. The second time, she cut her toe and it "bleeded" alot. Paige was very concerned and while I had Charli sitting on the kitchen bench so I could clean and band aid it, Paige sang her a song and rubbed her arm to try and cheer her up, so cute I could eat her up.

The first time was the funny one though, she fell and hit her head and her arm and through her tears declared that she needed to speak to Nannie, no one else would do so I had to get the phone so she could call. In case you are unaware, Nannie lives about 9 hours drive away in another state. I rang for Charli and as soon as Nannie answered the phone Charli told her all about how she had falled down and hurt "my head and my ebow" and told her that she needed them kissed better. I had a really hard time not falling on the floor laughing when Nannie made kissy noises on the speaker phone while Charli held it to her "ebow" and then her head. Once it was all done, she felt much better and went about her business "all better now". Paige then proceeded to talk Nannie's ear off.

The thing I find the most adorable about this whole thing is not only did Charli and Paige get to tell Nannie all about what was going on and they felt better for it, but Nannie knows how much she is loved and that a kiss over the phone is almost as good at fixing the hurts as the real thing. Far away but always close. Thanks for being such a great Nannie <3