Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus, Oh The Horror

Today I took the girls to see Santa at our local mall. He is a lovely Santa, probably the best I have ever seen, and is the same one that was there last year. We were about 5th in line to see Santa and each of the families had a child who was either unsure of or petrified of Santa. It was funny to see the effort put in to make these poor terrified children smile for their photo with Santa and each time, the mother had to end up in the photo. That was the case last year for Charli, but not this soon as our turn came, both of them yelled "Santa" and ran to sit on his lap. Even the photographer was surprised by just how fast they had themselves organised and sitting on Santa's lap. They are so funny and never let me forget it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree Mess

We put up the Christmas tree last week and boy was it fun. Children were trying to put the decorations on before the tree was even set up, while I was still putting the lights on I was fighting off the decorating fairies and just about the whole time, the husband was standing by laughing. Eventually the lights were done and the girls decorated the tree, 10 baubles each on about 5 branches, the tinsel all stuffed into  the small gap between the branches at the bottom and they were done....oh and the angel at the top. Once they were happy with the completed product, all the lights were turned off so they could marvel at their masterpiece. Then, time for bed and time for mummy to take the Christmas tree apart and put it back together again. An hour later and the tree looked like a Christmas tree instead of a mess or rather, a tree decorated by rather enthusiastic 5 and 3 year old Christmas tree fairies.....they didn't even notice. Until next year when I am sure the mess will just have to stay.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deja Vous

I remember when I was small that my little sister was fiercely independent. Anything and everything came with "I can do it myself", it reminds me of the Charlie and Lola book "I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own". I could never be bothered with the effort, if someone was going to do it for me, then more power to them, who was I to argue?

The deja vous comes into play with my little Charli (yes like Charlie and Lola which she loves), she is one of the most independent children I have met and that is saying something considering how independent Paige is. The other day I was out with Charli while Paige was at Kinder, I got her out of the car with her protesting all the time about how she could do it herself. When I turned away to get something she climbed back in the car and then out again with a very stern "see, I do it myself"....hrumph!! Seems to me, I remember the exact same thing happening with a certain younger sister when I was little....isn't it funny how you can see so much of yourself and family members in your children whilst at the same time, they have their own little (or big) personalities.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Haircut

I went to the supermarket to do a little grocery shopping and was really proud of my effort. In and out in less than 30 minutes which I think is a new record for me. Driving home, feeling chuffed and then I walked in the door and almost dropped the newly acquired groceries in horror. Charli has gone from having lovely long hair which is all blonde and curls at the end with a lovely fringe that comes down to her eyes to this:

Now I am almost over the shock. I will admit that there was some yelling that was directed at the 5 year old "hairdresser", a term I use in the loosest sense, the promise of no dessert for a week as well as the threat that if it EVER happens again, she will also have no hair. After a visit to the real hairdresser this morning, which took about half an hour, things are relatively back to normal. The only thing is that Charli keeps trying to find the ponytail that is holding all her hair up.