Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree Mess

We put up the Christmas tree last week and boy was it fun. Children were trying to put the decorations on before the tree was even set up, while I was still putting the lights on I was fighting off the decorating fairies and just about the whole time, the husband was standing by laughing. Eventually the lights were done and the girls decorated the tree, 10 baubles each on about 5 branches, the tinsel all stuffed into  the small gap between the branches at the bottom and they were done....oh and the angel at the top. Once they were happy with the completed product, all the lights were turned off so they could marvel at their masterpiece. Then, time for bed and time for mummy to take the Christmas tree apart and put it back together again. An hour later and the tree looked like a Christmas tree instead of a mess or rather, a tree decorated by rather enthusiastic 5 and 3 year old Christmas tree fairies.....they didn't even notice. Until next year when I am sure the mess will just have to stay.

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