Sunday, June 27, 2010

That time of the Term

It is the end of Term 2 and we are now half way through Paige being in Grade 1, it is really amazing to think about how much she has changed in the past 18 months. She has gone from being our little girl at kinder to this too grown up for her age girl. She is amazing and crazy and Paige.

On Thursday, it was report day. In the morning before school I mentioned that she would be getting her report. She was all "Oh No Mummy, you might not like it" when I asked her why she told me that it would say that she talks too much, cos, you know that is something I don't already know about her. She talks so much that it doesn't even stop when she is asleep.

What do you know, when she brought her report home, it didn't say that she talks too much, only that she is easily distracted and never gets her work finished in time even though she is very smart and can do it. Oh and the PE teacher confirmed our suspicions that even though she tries hard, she is not terribly coordinated, maybe she is just too lanky, all legs and arms. Maybe she will grow into it :) Lucky she is not terribly interested in sports otherwise there may be disappointment to deal with.

Over all, she is doing really well, her reading and spelling is at Grade 2 level and she is happy and enjoying school and has not been sent to the principal's office for anything since the infamous visit in the very first week of school in Prep so we shall call it all good.

Now to enjoy the next 2 weeks of school holidays.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today I feel really cranky! I am not sure why, but I would guess that it has something to do with either not getting alot of sleep or PMS, or possibly a combination of both. The girls are making me cross for just being there, for saying Mummy all the time for asking me to help them with things, for breathing. The boy is making me cross by saying have a good day when he left, for calling to see how my day is going, for breathing.

I think I need to listen to some happy music and possibly eat some chocolate. Maybe I will bake a cake, that always makes me happy. Oh well, it will pass, I just hate feeling grumpy like a troll.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dare Devil

Yesterday Charli was playing in the lounge room while Paige was with me in the dining room doing her spelling words (which is a story all of it's own) when she suddenly started crying. She came running in with a blood nose. When we finally got her to calm down and tell us what happened, we discovered that she had put her little wooden chairs on top of the couch and then when she climbed on them she slipped and banged her nose.

About 20 mins later after her nose had stopped bleeding, the boy went into the lounge room to find Charli with both of the wooden chairs on the couch and she was laying on top of them.

Apparently a bloody nose was not enough of a lesson to stop her from doing it again.