Saturday, December 19, 2009

All Over Red Rover

Today was the last day of school. This means that it was PJ's last day of Prep, is it just me or has this year gone really fast? Over the past week Paige has been bringing home photos from during the year and things that she has made and that have been on display in the stair well or class room. I was shocked when she brought home her first day of school photo at just how much she has changed in the past year. As a consequence, we have made a new rule in our house..."No more growing up". Basically, she has been banned from growing up anymore as it is just going too fast. It is not so much the age, but the fact that she is just getting so "grown up".

Anyway, back to the original point, today was the last day and luckily the assembly was not rained out, but the sound system did have a few issues and they ended up using a megaphone instead, fun. Paige was sad to be saying goodbye to her Prep teacher who has been truly wonderful and very sad to say goodbye to her grade 6 buddy who is off to high school next year. Paige will be in a composite Grade 1 & 2 class next year so that will be interesting to find out how it goes. Apparently there are only 6 Grade 2 children in the class...hmmm. Paige has a few kids from her class with her next year, but was a bit disappointed that she has one boy in particular in her class as she didn't really want to be with him, and also does not have her best friend in her class, but I am sure it wont make much of a difference except that they will not be separated in class for talking.

Also this week, Paige brought home her report and portfolio. Can I just say that we are extremely proud of her and how much she has grown and changed from the beginning of the year. We were a little worried that she would not take it seriously and do as she was told or that she would be bored and act up. It seems that she has really settled in and is doing really well. She has also been accepted to an advanced learning program so that will help her stretch herself a bit and hopefully stave off the boredom. I am hoping that the composite nature of her class next year will also help kick her learning up a bit as the worst thing is if she gets bored as then she acts up.

So, after all of the anticipation and stress, she has finished her first year of school and all things considered, she really enjoyed it and did really well and I made some really great new friends. Also, Charli has made some wonderful friends who will be starting school around the same time she is and I couldn't ask for anything better.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gypsy Children

It is quite funny and a follow on to the "perfectly good bed" that tonight we decided that our children are in fact, gypsies, or possibly nomads, or something, I don't know, but I am sure you get the picture. In their room they have a bunk bed, Paige sleeps at the top and Charli sleeps at the bottom, or at least that is how it is supposed to work. What ends up happening is they inevitably sleep somewhere that is other. Paige in our room on the floor next to the bed or in the bed until we get there. Charli in bed with Paige, Paige on the bean bag on the floor in her room, Charli in Paige's bed.

They can sleep where ever and it doesn't bother them, in fact, the other day Charli slept on the recliner in the lounge room with her feet against the back and her head hanging off the edge. For that matter, when Charli was younger she would sleep under the balloons at the birthday party, under the coffee table, sitting on a chair with her head on the table, standing on the floor with her head on the couch....maybe they are just good sleepers and maybe I should not be complaining lest it bite me on the butt. Where is some wood for me to touch!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dresses for Nieces

Two of my three nieces had their birthdays in November so I thought I would make them each an Oliver + S sundress. I have not posted until now as I was a bit slow in sending them over. I know that they have them so I am now able to put up the pictures of the dresses.

This one I made for my middle niece:

And this one I made for my youngest Niece:

I know they like them and I am very happy about that. So now I am off to try and get my Christmas sewing done.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Impanorey Friends

Charli has decided that it is very "aportnant" that you know about her "Impanorey" friends. She has a few, most of them are called Titi as that is what she calls everything that doesn't already have a name. I just wanted to post this as I think it is really cute the way she says "impanorey" for imaginary.

That is all.

A Perfectly Good Bed

For some reason lately Paige has taken to sleeping in a very interesting place, her bean bag. The girls have a bean bag in their room made of a nice soft corduroy and it is full of stuffed toys rather than beans, it is actually quite comfortable. Lately Paige has decided that she is going to sleep in it. Each night we go in there and she is asleep in the bean bag in various interesting, but not terribly comfortable looking positions. Sometimes we put her back into her perfectly good bed and sometimes we just leave her in her bean bag. Tonight I went in to say good night to her and she was asleep with her feet in the air, Tinkerbell books on her face, in the bean bag, I think I might just leave her there, I am sure it is more comfortable than it looks.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bunk Bed Barina

Last night we went to the Drive-in with the girls, it is one of their favourite outings. We went to see Where The Wild Things Are which is apparently a childrens movie and given that it is based on a childrens book, would seem likely. I would not however, recommend it for children. I am feeling ambivalent about it as a whole. I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it so I think I may just allocate it to the MEH category. The best thing about it was the costumes, Max and the Wild Things looked exactly like they did in the book, the next best thing was when it finished. I think the main thing was that the girls didn't get freaked out, that would have been bad.

Once that was over, we moved on over to one of the other screens and settled in for New Moon which is definitely NOT a children's film. We brought pillows and blankets and as it didn't start until 11.30pm we knew the girls would be ready for sleeping by then. Paige sprawled across the backseat with her pillow and blankets and Charli decided that the best place for her to sleep would be the parcel shelf in the back of the car. She fit in there perfectly and with her pillow, blankets and of course Puppy No-Eyes, went off to sleep. I think it took them both about 36 seconds to fall asleep and The Boy and I enjoyed New Moon without having to worry about little eyes peeking from the back seat.

Definitely a great night which was only nearly spoiled by the first film......ok, I have changed my mind....I didn't like it. It was worth it though in order to see New Moon.