Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bunk Bed Barina

Last night we went to the Drive-in with the girls, it is one of their favourite outings. We went to see Where The Wild Things Are which is apparently a childrens movie and given that it is based on a childrens book, would seem likely. I would not however, recommend it for children. I am feeling ambivalent about it as a whole. I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it so I think I may just allocate it to the MEH category. The best thing about it was the costumes, Max and the Wild Things looked exactly like they did in the book, the next best thing was when it finished. I think the main thing was that the girls didn't get freaked out, that would have been bad.

Once that was over, we moved on over to one of the other screens and settled in for New Moon which is definitely NOT a children's film. We brought pillows and blankets and as it didn't start until 11.30pm we knew the girls would be ready for sleeping by then. Paige sprawled across the backseat with her pillow and blankets and Charli decided that the best place for her to sleep would be the parcel shelf in the back of the car. She fit in there perfectly and with her pillow, blankets and of course Puppy No-Eyes, went off to sleep. I think it took them both about 36 seconds to fall asleep and The Boy and I enjoyed New Moon without having to worry about little eyes peeking from the back seat.

Definitely a great night which was only nearly spoiled by the first film......ok, I have changed my mind....I didn't like it. It was worth it though in order to see New Moon.

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