Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Great Waterfight of 2011

This morning after it raining for almost 2 days, we got up to sunn and a very warm day. We went out to breakfast and after deciding that we could have done better at home and that in future we just will, we went to the shops. On a spur of the moment decision we went to Toys-R-Us and obtained some water guns. A small one for Charli and myself, a bigger one for PJ and the biggest one for Dad. We then went to Good Guys and got me a brand new, super awesome food processor (totally fantastic).

We made our way home and the girls ran upstairs to get themselves changed into their swimmers and open their new water guns. Then followed a process of spray everyone, refill, run away screaming, squirt everyone some more, refill, repeat. By the end of it, everyone was dripping wet, the Boy had water dripping off his glasses, water all over the back yard. Hilarious.

The best part was Charli, she would walk up to you squirt and as soon as you started to squirt her back she would run away screaming - "dont squirt me, I don't want to be wet, don't get it on my face....." I think she missed the point of a water fight. Oh well, it turned out fun and everyone had a ball.

Must do that again some time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Suicidal Cats

This starts out a bit sad so just bear with me, Our next door neighbour found a dead cat on their driveway last week. They door knocked the neighbourhood and failed to find the owners. I was chatting to her on Monday and she was unsure what to do with it and we finally decided that she should put it in the bin. We were both sad about the fact that they were unable to find the owner so that they could let them know what had happened, but there was not really anything more that could be done.

On the way to school this morning I was chatting to the boy about them not being able to find the owner and being sad that they wouldn't know what happened to their cat. From the backseat Paige piped up: Maybe the cat jumped out of the window of a car that was driving by. The boys response: Yeah, cos that's what cats do.

Everytime we have spoken today, the conversation starts with "watch out for suicidal cats".....

Hilarous, or maybe we just have a dark sense of humour?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Loving - At the Moment

Not just this song in particular, but Ingrid Michaelson in general. She makes me feel happy :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

She pulled it off



So today we took Charli to the hairdresser so she could get her hair cut "just like Emma Watson". I was a little bit stressed about her hair all being cut off, but she was so sure that it was what she wanted that we just went with it. When she explained to the hairdresser what it was that she wanted, I think the poor hairdresser had a bit of a panic. She kept asking if we were sure and it is really short and are we sure. She ended up going for it and just about everyone in the hairdressers was stressed about a little girl with lovely long blonde hair getting it all chopped off. None more so than the woman sitting opposite us who obviously thought we were the worst parents she had ever seen judging by the look on her face. Charli didn't stop grinning the whole time her hair was getting cut and as soon as it was done yelled "that is so AWESOME!"

We went straight to drop her off at one of her friends birthday party and she was very happy to show off her new awesome hair to all he friends, even getting them to feel it as it is so soft where it has been shave at the back. Everyone thought she looked great. I can tell she like it as not only has she been bouncing around since it was cut, but every now and then she rubs her hair and smiles to herself.

So not only does she love it, it looks great and as someone else accurately said "she has the balls to pull it off". Although she did have us in stitches when Daddy said "you can really pull it off" to which her response was to pull her hair and say, with a puzzled look on her face, "no you can't it's stuck on!"

Friday, August 12, 2011


Charli is going with Daddy to get her hair cut tomorrow. She is going with him for 2 reasons, 1. it is their special day out which he does with each of the girls in turn, and 2. I can't go and watch while all her hair is chopped off.

Charli is adamant that she wants her hair cut "like Emma Watson" and just in case you have no idea about what that might be, here is a picture.

I will admit that I did try to talk her out of it yesterday, I just don't want to lose her lovely hair, but she is very determined that it is what she wants. Among the reasons she wants it cut off are; it wont get in her eyes any more, she wont have to have ponytails anymore, she wont get bugs in her hair as much and she likes the way it looks. Who can argue with all of those reasons.

So, tomorrow, Charli will be getting her hair cut short, I am sure it will look great as she looked good the last time she had short hair, but I am still a little concerned. Like the boy says though, it is just hair, it will grow back.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Girl

My Little Charli Bear turned 5 today. She had a fantastic birthday, lots of good presents that she "always wanted". It is so cute that every present she gets is exactly what she has always wanted whether it be My Little Pony Trouble, UNO, Hogwarts Castle Lego or LaLaLoospy dolls. Everything is exactly the present she wanted and was waiting for. She squeals and laughs and then plays with them for days without taking a break for any other toy. The best thing is that not only does she love her presents, but she is happy to share with her sister and they play together with them really well.

On the other hand, she is FIVE!!! It feels like just months ago we were moving to Melbourne with a 3.5 yr old and a 10 month old and now they are 7.5 and 5 years old. She will be starting school next year which is really only 6 months away. She seems so small, but she is so ready. She will have so much fun next year and I am positive that she is going to love the rest of this year at Kinder.

Charli is smart, loving, sweet, always happy, confident, outgoing, loves her "Puppy No-Eyes", sucks her thumb, cuddly and an all round ray of sunshine in our lives.

Happy Birthday Charli-Bear, we love you <3

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School & Kinder

To be honest with you, I can't quite believe that it is almost the end of the first term of school already. Paige is doing well at school and loving her new teacher which is great. Charli is LOVING kinder and doing quite well. She is really into the routine of how it works and often corrects me when I get the order wrong of the way they do things like packing up from snack time, etc. Funny girl. If things continue at this rate, it will soon be the end of the year and Charli will be ready for school.

On a positive, I did fill out all of the required documents for Charli's school application and didn't forget any of the photocopies that needed to go with it, yay for me. I am pretty proud of myself on that one.

Things are pretty hectic with working and school and travel (to and from school and kinder) and everything else that goes along with it. Particularly the new out of school activity taken up by Paige. She is doing Martial Arts 2 times a week and absolutely loving it. I was not sure at first as she is quite uncoordinated and not very sporty, but she gets out there and runs and does push ups and start jumps and situps. They practice their stances, and punches, kicks, rolls and then play poison ball. Running for 45 minutes and she will come off the mat sweating and puffing and ask to do another class....straight away.

I have to say, although we are busy, we are happy and it is good.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Beach

Yesterday we went to the beach. We took the girls down there with the expectation that after about an hour they will have had enough and we would be heading home.

Little did we realise that since the last time we were there they had both decided that the beach was AWESOME (and yes, it was in capitals). I think I may have written about it before, but Charli is not good with water in general. There was an incident when she was quite alot younger where she went under the water by mistake and couldn't get up again. When she did there was much coughing and spewing and never going in the water again without behaving like a terrified Koala Bear which often left my ears ringing and my neck strangled. This summer, however, we have made an effort to go to the pool and beach more often so that she can get used to the water. Over New Years we visited friends and spent an afternoon at the local country pool. They had a large kids pool which was 0.9 metres deep. Deep enough that Charli had water to her chest, but not too deep that she was afraid. She loved it and since has been much better.

So, as the water at the beach, being Dromana, was pretty calm and you could go out quite a way without getting deep, she had a ball. In and out of the water by herself, jumping around and even falling down while trying to pick up a shell. No screaming when the water got on her face and only a little bit of strangling. In fact, she was having so much fun, she didn't want to leave once we had had enough about 2.5 hours later.

Paige of course never wants to leave the water. She loves the water and always has. Normally the beach gets too much for her as she swallows alot and the salt stings her eyes. This time she took her goggles so the salt in her eyes was not an issue and she didn't swallow enough to throw up so she was also all for not going yet.

The Boy and I had enough and announced that it was time to leave, both girls got out of the water with much complaining and gnashing of teeth. They then rolled around in the sand so that they would have to go back in the water to wash of, oh dear! This happened about 3 or 4 times until Daddy called an end to the play and they were trundled off to the car to promptly fall asleep on the trip home.

Over all, a good day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Like Daddy

It seems like it wasn't very long ago that Paige was this size and playing computer games. Now it is Charli's turn to be "just like Daddy". I asked her what she was doing when I took this photo and her response was "I am being like Daddy, watching a movie and playing a game." Imagine it said in a tone of "like DER, what do you think I am doing".

Too cute!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Doesn't Really Matter

I keep finding myself worrying about whether or not my washing will dry, it has been on the line since Sunday and is just getting wetter. Will the rain ever stop. It has been raining constantly since Sunday night, not heavy rain, just constant rain. When I got up this morning and walked down stairs I thought to myself, gee it is damp in here, the railing feels wet and pretty much all the floors couch, etc feels damp. This humid weather is not fun.

Then I turn on the news......

Although it is raining, it is really not that wet at all.

My thoughts and prayers with those who are going through this disaster in Queensland. All our friends in Queensland are safe, but there are many who are not.