Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Concert

For a long time Paige has loved Linkin Park, they are by far her most favourite band. She has always loved rock music and as a 2 year old could point out "David Grohler" as she called him from across the other side of the shops when Foo Fighters was playing on the Foxtel booth screens. When the Boy decided that we could take Paige to Linkin Park, she was SO excited it was amusing, the only downer was that she really didn't really want me to come with her, she only wanted to go with Daddy. Eventually she got over the fact that I was coming.

Last night she happily went to have a little sleep before we went out and for once went to sleep straight away. The whole way there in the car she was just about bouncing off the roof of the car and skipped from the MCG carpark over to the Rod Laver arena. She was so very excited. Once the first band went on she started to feel sick, possibly there was too much excitement. Luckily we brought ear plugs for her so we put them in and she was a bit happier.

Before Linkin Park came out, they were playing a video about their charity www.musicforrelief.org and Paige was absolutely fascinated by it. She is determined to get involved so we will see ohow that plays out. Once Linkin Park came out she was grinning from ear to ear. She stood for almost the whole show and sang along to just about every song. Once we left, her first statement was "that was AWESOME".

I am glad that she had such a great time and she now has her purple Linkin Park tour t-shirt to wear whenever she wants. What a great night.