Monday, August 15, 2011

Loving - At the Moment

Not just this song in particular, but Ingrid Michaelson in general. She makes me feel happy :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

She pulled it off



So today we took Charli to the hairdresser so she could get her hair cut "just like Emma Watson". I was a little bit stressed about her hair all being cut off, but she was so sure that it was what she wanted that we just went with it. When she explained to the hairdresser what it was that she wanted, I think the poor hairdresser had a bit of a panic. She kept asking if we were sure and it is really short and are we sure. She ended up going for it and just about everyone in the hairdressers was stressed about a little girl with lovely long blonde hair getting it all chopped off. None more so than the woman sitting opposite us who obviously thought we were the worst parents she had ever seen judging by the look on her face. Charli didn't stop grinning the whole time her hair was getting cut and as soon as it was done yelled "that is so AWESOME!"

We went straight to drop her off at one of her friends birthday party and she was very happy to show off her new awesome hair to all he friends, even getting them to feel it as it is so soft where it has been shave at the back. Everyone thought she looked great. I can tell she like it as not only has she been bouncing around since it was cut, but every now and then she rubs her hair and smiles to herself.

So not only does she love it, it looks great and as someone else accurately said "she has the balls to pull it off". Although she did have us in stitches when Daddy said "you can really pull it off" to which her response was to pull her hair and say, with a puzzled look on her face, "no you can't it's stuck on!"

Friday, August 12, 2011


Charli is going with Daddy to get her hair cut tomorrow. She is going with him for 2 reasons, 1. it is their special day out which he does with each of the girls in turn, and 2. I can't go and watch while all her hair is chopped off.

Charli is adamant that she wants her hair cut "like Emma Watson" and just in case you have no idea about what that might be, here is a picture.

I will admit that I did try to talk her out of it yesterday, I just don't want to lose her lovely hair, but she is very determined that it is what she wants. Among the reasons she wants it cut off are; it wont get in her eyes any more, she wont have to have ponytails anymore, she wont get bugs in her hair as much and she likes the way it looks. Who can argue with all of those reasons.

So, tomorrow, Charli will be getting her hair cut short, I am sure it will look great as she looked good the last time she had short hair, but I am still a little concerned. Like the boy says though, it is just hair, it will grow back.