Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Suicidal Cats

This starts out a bit sad so just bear with me, Our next door neighbour found a dead cat on their driveway last week. They door knocked the neighbourhood and failed to find the owners. I was chatting to her on Monday and she was unsure what to do with it and we finally decided that she should put it in the bin. We were both sad about the fact that they were unable to find the owner so that they could let them know what had happened, but there was not really anything more that could be done.

On the way to school this morning I was chatting to the boy about them not being able to find the owner and being sad that they wouldn't know what happened to their cat. From the backseat Paige piped up: Maybe the cat jumped out of the window of a car that was driving by. The boys response: Yeah, cos that's what cats do.

Everytime we have spoken today, the conversation starts with "watch out for suicidal cats".....

Hilarous, or maybe we just have a dark sense of humour?

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