Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Football

Last night Paige and Daddy went to the football to see The Bombers play the hawks. Paige was so excited about the prospect of going to the football that she told everyone she saw, her friends at school, her teacher, her Nannie, the bus driver, the get the picture. Not just were they going to the football though, they were going to see The Bombers and eat football food for dinner and go on the train and all "with my Daddy". She was so excited that I was almost waiting for her to pop out of her skin. When we got home from school, she wanted me to call Daddy and tell him to remember to come home and get her before going to the football (worried he would forget her) and when I told her to get changed, she did it in 5 seconds flat after I asked her once.....Guinness World Record or close to it.

Eventually I dropped them at the train station and off they went to the football. Paige had a hotdog and chips with a lemonade for dinner and they proceeded to their seats at the top of the stadium. After a while Paige asked Daddy if there was "dessert at the football" and off they trudged, all the way to the bottom, to get donuts for dessert. When she needed to go to the toilet, Daddy stood guard at the door and got lots of strange looks from the people outside, that is until Paige came out and then he got lots of smiles. Apparently during the match, she declared loudly, on a number of occasions that he was the best Daddy in the whole world, I think she was having fun. At one point, she realised what the time was and I got a text saying "having fun. Paige says she knows it is past her bedtime but we have to stay to the end".

After a resounding victory by The Bombers they attempted to catch the train home. 40 minutes later after not even reaching the platform, I got a call saying "Please can you come pick us up from the the city". For Daddy, the most stressful part of the whole night was trying to keep a 5 year old safe in a crowd of post football, trying to catch a train grownups. You don't realise how easy it would be for a 5 year old to get squished in a crowd until you experience it and then Daddy suddenly finds out exactly how protective he is and the length he is prepared to go to to keep his little girl safe. So I picked them up and 30 seconds after getting into her car seat, she was sound asleep....well, it was 11.45pm, only 4 hours past her bed time. But it was Oh So Worth It =)

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