Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Birthday

Charli had her 3rd birthday this past weekend and we were lucky enough to spend it with her Grandparents. Not only that, but it is Grammy's birthday on the same day as Charli so it was very exciting for her. She is old enough now to understand that it is her day and we did not give Paige any presents so that it was all about Charli. Paige was not very impressed by this, but it was all ok once Charli opened her presents and Paige got to share in the playing, especially the Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Charli wanted "copcakes" for her birthday and she wanted them pink and purple so that request was granted after a visit to the cake decorating shop down the road to purchase the correct colour cupcake cases and sanding sugar, we also managed to find some edible icing fairies in the required colours. Charli even managed to blow all the candles out at once which is a big achievement given she was just recently still blowing her hair up.

The thing is, I am happy that she enjoyed her birthday and stayed up till 1am after having an afternoon nap, but she is 3. She used to be my baby....I was mostly all ok with Paige growing up and going to school because she was SO ready for it. She would have gone crazy if she didn't go to school this year and she is the oldest so it happens, but Charli is my baby, I don't think I am ready for her to grow up so fast. She's all toilet trained, talking clearly, putting her own pants on, putting her own shoes on, puzzle solving little girl and that seems to have just gone all too fast. Not long ago she was bouncing around on her bum and falling asleep under the coffee table and now she is getting all grown up, how did this happen and make it stop, for that matter, make them both stop growing up, then I wont get older either....

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  1. I think these photo's are so 'Charli' - it was a beautiful day, the most enjoyable, loved the purple/pink copcakes with sparkly sprinkles & edible fairies, first ever for me!! Thank you for making our day so very special!! xx