Monday, May 4, 2009

There is No Substitute for a Nannie Kiss....

To make everything all better. Today Charli was unwell and Paige was recovering from spending the night throwing up. Whilst Paige is now fine, Charli is developing a head cold and is pretty miserable. There was alot of whining and grizzling coming from the both of them today and of course, there was clumsy. Clumsy always happens to Charli when she is feeling unwell, she falls or trips or walks into things and today we had all of them. She tripped over the change from tiles to floor boards twice. The second time, she cut her toe and it "bleeded" alot. Paige was very concerned and while I had Charli sitting on the kitchen bench so I could clean and band aid it, Paige sang her a song and rubbed her arm to try and cheer her up, so cute I could eat her up.

The first time was the funny one though, she fell and hit her head and her arm and through her tears declared that she needed to speak to Nannie, no one else would do so I had to get the phone so she could call. In case you are unaware, Nannie lives about 9 hours drive away in another state. I rang for Charli and as soon as Nannie answered the phone Charli told her all about how she had falled down and hurt "my head and my ebow" and told her that she needed them kissed better. I had a really hard time not falling on the floor laughing when Nannie made kissy noises on the speaker phone while Charli held it to her "ebow" and then her head. Once it was all done, she felt much better and went about her business "all better now". Paige then proceeded to talk Nannie's ear off.

The thing I find the most adorable about this whole thing is not only did Charli and Paige get to tell Nannie all about what was going on and they felt better for it, but Nannie knows how much she is loved and that a kiss over the phone is almost as good at fixing the hurts as the real thing. Far away but always close. Thanks for being such a great Nannie <3

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