Thursday, April 30, 2009

Before and After - The Story of Puppy

When we had Charli, the guys at work sent us a lovely gift basket that contained a very cute puppy. I thought that this puppy was gorgeous and it was placed in the cot with Charli. Ask me now and I wish I had never put it in with her, but at the time it was really cute. Who knows, maybe she would have become attached to it even if it wasn't there or maybe it would have been something else. Either way, we now have a problem. Originally Puppy looked like you can see him up there. He was all lovely and fluffy and clean and had eyes.....when Charli was about 7 months old, Puppy started to come with her everywhere, she wasn't happy if he was forgotten.

Today, 3 years later, Puppy still comes with us everywhere, only now he is less cute and fluffy and more worn out and manky. He has been washed sooo many times, he has no eyes, his nose is starting to wear out, one of his ears has been sewed back on and he is constantly dirty looking even when he has only just been retrieved from the "drying machine". I have the constant worry about leaving him somewhere or him breaking or quite literally disintegrating.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party and, of course, Puppy came along for the fun. At about 5pm that evening Charli decided that it was time for some Puppy cuddles and what do you know, we couldn't find him anywhere. Daddy got dragged all around the house by the finger looking for Puppy, they even made a trip to the car trying to find the elusive animal, it was decided that maybe he had been left behind at the party. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth followed this announcement and then Charli sat on the chair and wailed that Puppy was "lost forever". You can imagine my excitement at this prospect. The boy and I had a discussion about what we should do but didn't come up with anything that sounded remotely like an idea, so I just settled on stressing a bit more. It was then that I had a sudden idea, Charli often leaves gifts for us in the kitchen cupboards and drawers so I did a quick check, lo and behold, there was Puppy neatly stuffed into the tea towel drawer "having a sleep".

Crisis averted!!! For now at least. We can all breathe a sigh of relief until next time.

LOL - As I finish writing this post and am checking the spelling and such, I hear a cry from the other room "I need to get Puppy upstairs"......

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