Monday, April 6, 2009

The Magic of Counting and Wee

Just a few weeks ago Paige had her assessment at school. They did all sorts of tests, which were fun, to determine her levels in reading, letters, counting, writing, etc. After her assessment her teacher, who is fantastic, told me that Paige did really well, she knew all of her alphabet as well as all the sounds they had learned and many that they had not yet learned. With numbers she could count to 20 but got a bit confused with 17, 18, 19 although apparently most children have the same issue. Now, here we are, just 2.5 weeks later and Paige just counted to 40 with no mistakes, wow, that's pretty cool, I was impressed and She thought it was wonderful how impressed I was with her counting and apparently that was all the reward she needed. Pretty clever if you ask me.

And for something completely unrelated, we are constantly amazed by Charli and her magic wee. I know, sounds pretty weird, but the thing is, it really is magic. Occasionally she has an accident in bed, once it was in our bed, we go to check on her and find her pajama pants and underpants are all wet, the magic is that her bed never is. There is never a wet spot in her bed or on the doona, we are not sure how she does it, but apparently she has magic wee. Maybe one day we will figure out how she does it, but for now, I am just happy that she has magic wee.

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