Monday, October 12, 2009

The Name That Fits the Child

Last Friday Paige turned six. SIX! Let me just pause there for a second because, OMG, SIX! It seems like just yesterday, well, alright, not yesterday but not that long ago that she was harassing me from the inside and now she is SIX! It is always a bit nostalgic when Bathurst is on as that is the first thing we did with her after we went home from the hospital, go to a friends and then my parents to watch the race.

We went to the movies to see UP in 3D, which is what Paige wanted to see. We got some games for the Wii, she picked Mario Party 8, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Disney Princesses which I think she may already have finished. From Nannie and Papa she got Impulse and lipgloss which she loves and Dora saves the Snow Princess for the Wii. From Grandma and Grandpa she got a sticker Dictionary which she thought was great and Polly Pockets which are always "awesome". From Aunty Shelley and Uncle Trevor and of course Abby, Katy and Clare she got paper dolls and an overall dress which are 2 of her favourite things. Oh and she got a new Snow White outfit from some good friends. In fact, all of her presents were her favourite things so that worked out quite well.

One of the things I got for Paige was a keyring for her bag with her name on it and a description of the meaning. It got me thinking, do you think the child grows up to match the meaning of the name or is it the other way around. I mean, at the time, you try to do your best to give that new screaming bundle of amazing a name that you like and that will suit them and sometimes the fit and sometimes they REALLY fit. I will let you decide:

Being young of heart
and spirit, she is full
of life and adventure,
loving the excitement
of a new challenge
eyes that twinkle and
shine with mischief
one never knows what
she is thinking, she
becomes more beautiful
with age, glowing with a
special inner light, sweet,
gentle and caring
by nature.

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