Friday, February 27, 2009

Sick or Scared?

On Tuesday, Paige started the morning off by throwing up. She gave back all of the chocolate milk and toast that I had kindly made her for breakfast. She covered her uniform, socks and shoes. Lovely. It was SO much fun to clean it all up one-handed, the other one was holding my nose. We kept her home from school over her protesting that she wanted to go and she was fine for the rest of the day. 

Wednesday is a no school day, she was fine all day. 

Thursday, she got ready for school, we were even half way there when I gave in to her and pulled over, she then decorated the gutter (luckily not the car), her shoes, socks and hair. Once again we returned home, this time she did not protest. Five minutes after Daddy left, she started in on the "I'm hungry" and didn't let up until lunch time. I made her spend the day in her pyjamas and she wasn't allowed to play, only to sit quietly. Somehow, I don't think she was too impressed. 

Friday, before she even got dressed, she was threatening to throw up in the toilet. Once she was in her uniform, she just cried about how she was sick and couldn't possibly go to school. Being horrible parents who do not care about her at all, we told her that she would be fine and that she was indeed going to school. So, this morning I said goodbye to the crying one and Daddy took her to school. Apparently on the way there she told him that she really was sick cos she was "whipe (white) as a wall" but being him, he just replied that she was in fact "as pretty as a flower" and she would be fine.

The last sighting of Paige this morning was in her school uniform, backpack on, running to play in the playground with her friends before the bell rang. Why couldn't I just have a crying child?? That I could deal with without the immense guilt that comes from sending a crying, vomiting child off to school with the assurance that she will be fine.

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