Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Adventures of Button Bear

Paige's class has a big teddy bear called Button Bear. Each weekend one of the children from the class gets to take Button Bear home for the weekend and then they have to write a story by Button Bear for the rest of the class to read as well as sewing a button onto his t-shirt. This weekend it was our turn. This is his story:

This weekend I went to stay at Paige’s house and I had lots of fun with her family. She has a little sister Charli and her mum and dad are Mel and Judd. Paige also has a cat called Chester; he is nearly the same colour as me.

On Friday night we played Guess Who for a long time. I was helping Paige to play with her mum. Paige won the most games but her mum won some as well. Paige is very good at that game and it was lots of fun. After that we watched High School Musical until bed time. After Paige's mum sent us to bed, we sat up with her dad and watched him play World of Warcraft for a while on his computer, then I slept in bed with Paige and it was snugly and warm.

On Saturday I went out with Paige and her Daddy. We had brunch in a café. Paige had eggs with ham and muffins and she shared it with me, it was very yummy. We made friends with a little girl called Maggie and their dog Abby. I was allowed to feed Abby some of our brunch and she liked it alot.

After brunch we went to the hair dresser. Paige and her Daddy both got their hair cut, but I didn’t. Brooke, the hair dresser, said that my hair was just perfect the way it is and didn’t need anything at all done to it.

On Sunday, we went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This is one of Paige’s favourite movies. I thought it was very good, but I was a little bit scared sometimes so Paige and I cuddled together so that we wouldn’t be too scared.

Now I am very tired from having such a busy weekend. I am looking forward to having a big sleep before school tomorrow. Thank you, Paige, for doing lots of fun things with me this weekend. I will see you all very soon.

Button Bear

So, not only is that Button Bear's story, but it is the story of our weekend....through the eyes of a much loved guest.

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