Sunday, May 23, 2010


No, I am not pregnant with twins!

Charli is four, or at least she will be in a few hours when she gets out of bed.

She is so much more a girl rather than a toddler. She understands so much more and is starting to put together concepts, she knows her alphabet and can count to 10, she is starting to recognise numbers and letters and wants to try writing them.

I remember that she started independent movement when she was only a few weeks old, she would flip herself from her stomach to her back, shocking the maternal health nurse who didn't believe me that she would do it. She started commando crawling at 4 months and walking by herself at 11 months. She started talking late, especially compared to Paige, but now she never stops talking, even when she is asleep. She has the most delightful giggle that gets everyone around her giggling. She is extremely ticklish, stubborn, crazy and completely mercurial. She will go from happy and giggling to grumpy and cross in seconds and for no discernable reason. She hates to be told off, but often doesn't listen or do what she is asked to do. She adores her big sister and is always copying her or imitating her and often crying out, stop being mean whilst hitting her. She still takes Puppy No-Eyes pretty much everywhere and will most definitely not go to bed without him. She is quite simply a delight.

She is Charli and there is really no other way to put it. She is my baby who is getting so grown up but is still mumma's little girl.

I love you Charli, Happy 4th Birthday!

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  1. you sure do have some wonderful girls who are so intelligent, beautiful and full of personality, its a reflection of where they got their genetics from ;)

    Its amazing that charlie knows her ABC already and want to write that is very unsual at that age be prepared for dealing with two little geniuses hahaha

    love hearing all the weird and whacky stories since me and johno will never have kids. Lots of love to the family.
    krystle oxoxox