Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paige is being Mean

Last night, all was quiet, the girls were in bed as was the boy and I was watching TV whilst waiting for my last batch of cookies to finish. All of a sudden there was yelling from upstairs. Charli, sound asleep, suddenly yelled "STOP BEING MEAN TO ME!!" Both the boy and myself went in there to see if she was ok, she was fine, but she wouldn't believe us when we told her that Paige wasn't being mean as she was in bed asleep in another room. After some convincing, she had a drink and promptly went back to sleep.

This morning I asked her if she had a bad dream. Apparently Paige, in her dream, was scaring her with ghost stories and she wanted her to stop which is what prompted the yelling. Funny that this actually happened the night before and Charli didn't sleep well that night either. Paige is now under threat of losing her Polly Pocket Money if she tells Charli any more scary stories before bedtime.

Isn't that what Big Sisters are for?

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