Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's a Snail's Life

Last weekend, Paige found a snail in the front yard and decided that she wanted to keep it as a pet. She brought it around the back, got a shoe box, gave it a jar lid of water, some leaves, called it Delancy and left it in the backyard.

A few days later after some very warm weather, I checked of the snail and found it rather dried out. She saw me throw it in the garden and was not impressed. She was even less impressed when Daddy informed her that it was dead and she couldn't get it out of the garden.

Today when I was brining the shopping in from the car, I saw a snail on the pathway and called Paige out to see it.

 "Delancey" she cried. "I've found you!"

 She then promptly marched inside and declared to her Daddy "See! I told you she wasn't dead!"

There is now another snail in the shoebox.

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