Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back Again

It has surely been a while between posts, but I realise I still want to keep track of the crazy, funny, cute things that often happen with my girlies. Today is camp day, PJ is headed off to school camp today for 3 days to Sovereign Hill. She started organising and packing her camp stuff on Sunday and when I say packing, I mean making a pile of the things she needed to take on the lounge room floor. She couldn't start packing her back as her camp bag was still being used as her school bag. Monday night she went through the list and made sure that she had the minimum of everything and made a list of the things we still needed to get. Last night we went off to Kmart and got her some singlets, new underwear and socks as well as a travel toothpaste, deodorant and body wash. She went through her list about 57 times to make sure that she had everything she needed and we had to convince her that it was ok to take more socks and underwear than was listed. At one point there was a conversation about how she would not be refused entry to the bus if she had 5 pairs of underpants rather than the required minimum of 2. 

Paige went to bed quite late after getting everything organised and showering so she was all clean for camp. I talked her into putting her pyjamas on instead of going to bed in her clothes and we were all done. When I got up this morning and went to wake her up she was dressed in her clothes. Apparently she had woken in the middle of the night with "camp nerves" and decided to get dressed as it would save time in the morning and she would get ready quicker. We left the house at 8.36am and were halfway to school when she mentioned that they were supposed to be there by 8.30am, whoops. After that I couldn't resist teasing her that the bus had left without her when we saw it driving laps around the school waiting to get a park, such a mean Mum.

When I left, she was with her friends being sorted onto buses and extremely eager to get going. She will have so much fun and I look forward to hearing about it when she gets back on Friday afternoon. In the meantime, I am sure Charli will take advantage of the fact that she has Mum and Dad all to herself. Although, as she said this morning, she will miss loving Paige while she is gone.

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