Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bumped Head

Today at school Paige bumped her head. She was playing and ran straight into a low branch when poked her head and gave her a bump as well as bleeding. She was taken to the nurse and put an ice pack on it. The school office range me to let me know as is policy for any head injuries. They were very clear about the fact that she was ok. When I went to pick her up, she showed me her bump, it is about the size of a 10c with a small cut in the centre. She is ok, not so sure about me.

This is not the first time that she has walked into, tripped over, run into, or generally injured herself on something. Knowing Paige, this will not be the last time. It is however, the first time she has been hurt like that when I was not there to.....fuss.....over her. I will admit that once we got home I did a bit of fussing and she is quite good at letting me fuss whilst assuring me that she is fine. She is so grown up and I am not sure that I like it all that much. Oh well, I guess I will get used to it and maybe next time, I will not fuss quite so much (LOL).

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