Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Noticable Difference

Today as I was sitting on the bus traveling to pick Paige up from school, a random thought occurred to me...the girls are very different when it comes to what they wear. Not so much the clothing choice since alot of what Charli has is hand-me-downs which have come from Paige, but the way in which they express their opinions on what they want to wear.

Paige was very clear very early on, about 2 years old, about what she wanted to wear. She mostly would wear skirts or dresses and there was always a HUGE drama if she didn't get to pick her own clothes and put them on herself. Often she was a completely mismatched mess, but the point was that she picked out her clothes and dressed herself. She is still like that now, she decides what she wants to wear and it takes a bit of coaxing and discussion to get her to wear something different and it takes a massive effort to get her into jeans or pants rather than a summer dress in the middle of winter.

Charli, on the other hand, doesn't seem to care. She will put on whatever I give her to wear, she doesn't care if it is a skirt, dress or jeans and she could really care less about what colour it is. Getting her to dress herself is a major drama as she would much rather muck around while I try to get her clothes on her. Occasionally she will express an opinion about what she wants to wear, but generally she doesn't care.

It is funny that as they are growing up and getting bigger, I notice more and more differences between them and their personalities, but also how alike they are and how much they love each other.

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