Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Before I Go To Sleep

Tonight we had an awesome dinner which Charli went back for seconds on and the rest of us loved so I thought I would share. The bonus with this meal is that it takes approx 30 mins from start to finish so it one of those 'get on the plate quick' meals. Basically we got 2 chicken breasts and cut them into cubes, then added the Masterfoods Homestyle Marinade in Moroccan. We also grabbed 2 packets of Continental Moroccan couscous and made that up, I also steamed some green beans and then once everything is cooked, mix it all together. Hey Presto, quick meal and yummy to the extreme. I highly recommend you try it or ...... not, but if you don't, you are missing out.

I also did some baking today which is something I have not done for a little while. It was fun and I made Jam Drops which were a huge hit, half apricot and half strawberry, although I do think the apricot are being discriminated against as the strawberry seem to be disappearing quicker.

Oh and I just finished cleaning my kitchen which makes me happy so tomorrow I can sew and that will make me even happier. And now, I go to sleep, but not before I read some more of my very own hardcover version of Twilight.

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