Monday, November 16, 2009

Paige's Birthday Party

I have had quite a few people ask about PJ's party and how it went. Yes it was a while ago, but I have not posted for a while so that is why there is nothing here about it. Her party was at Fairyfields and was a great success, both for Paige and all the children's who came along. We ended up with 17 all together, all except 2 of the invitees were able to make it and we had an extra which worked out really well as the extra was the younger sister of one of PJ's friends and is Charli's friend so she had someone her age to play with. All in all, it was good fun. I didn't take any photos in the party as I wanted the kids to be able to do all of the activities and have fun and not have to worry about having a Mum watching them or trying to get them to pose for photos. I did take some photos afterwards of Paige, Charli and two of her close friends in their costumes.

PJ love all of her presents, particularly a Moxie doll that she received as she now wants the other girls and also 2 dresses, you can never really go wrong with dresses for Paige. One of the dresses was made for Paige by a good friend of mine and she loved it and wore it the next day to church. I think it has been worn at least once a week since then and she is very careful not to get it dirty. Apparently, I now have to make one like it for Charli. Thanks V. XX

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