Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh my ears!!

I am sure that it is not just my kids, but kids in general that love to make noise. I remember seeing a T-Shirt a while ago that had "Pots and Pans Band" on it and I always wanted to get it for Paige as she loved to play the pots and pans with the plastic chopsticks. Especially cute was the fact that she would put them all on the coffee table and play whilst Charli (who was about 3 or 4 months) would sleep on the floor next to her.

Exhibit A:
Paige and her Pots and Pans Band

Just yesterday, Charli decided it was her turn so after helping me to make jelly, she got out the pots and pans and the plastic chopsticks and away she went.

Exhibit B:
Charli and her Pots and Pans Band

As long as they have fun and put it all away it doesn't bother me and the best thing is they have a ball doing it. In fact, Charli is banging away right now as I am writing this. I think I may need earplugs.

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