Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Visit to the Hopstible

Tonight I took Charli to the Emergency Department at the Austin Hospital. She has been feeling unwell for a few days and has been a bit off, not really eating or drinking and a bit snotty. The thing is, she hasn't really been all that bad. Last night she got a fever and today she was complaining that her neck (throat) was hurting and I did notice that her breath smelled weird. Tonight she was sleeping on the couch when she woke up crying. Every time we asked her what was wrong, she would just cry more. She was hot so I took her temperature which was at 37.7C so we decided on a shower, that was when I noticed that she had a large welt on the back of her left hip and a few on the back of her right arm. Judd and I decided that I would take her to the hospital as I didn't want to take any chances after going through Staph scalded skin with PJ.

The triage nurse and the the 2 nurses and 2 doctors who saw to her in the hospital were excellent. We were in and out in about 1 1/2 hours and they discovered that she was having either an allergic reaction to possibly something that bit her or more likely an immune reaction to the fact that she has a sever case of tonsillitis. She was really good, as always, she had everyone around her finger in about 30 seconds flat and she has been sent home with a dose of strong antibiotics and orders to rest.

And that is what I am now going to do, give my eyes a rest until the morning.

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