Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Again with the Drive-In

Saturday night, we once again made our way to the drive in, we all love to go so it is alot of fun. The girls love that they can watch a movie and eat junk and sleep in the back of the car which acts like a bunk bed (see this post for explanation if required). Paige really wanted to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief because of the way he clicked his pen into a sword on the ads. She loved it and the next day she wanted to spend her pocket money on a sword. The funniest part of that decision was she was telling me about it before The Boy got up, once he did, she was all "Daddy, I want to spend some of my Polly Pocket Moneys" and his immediate response was "You are not buying a sword!" He didn't even hear the conversation, that is how well they know each other, scary. Anyway, that would have ended badly....for Paige anyway, when Charli clocked her over the head with it.

The point I was originally making before I was distracted by the whole sword thing was that we went to the drive in. This is the first time that we have had to line up to get into the place. We got there early and everything and it took us 25 mins to get into the field and the movie had just started. Oh well, didn't miss much and still got a fairly good park. On the upside, the guy at the gate only charged us for 1 movie for 2 adults so that saved us some money. We ate junk and watched 2 ok movies, the aforementioned Percy Jackson and Valentines Day which was a romantic comedy and everything that implies, predictable and sappy, but I liked it and The Boy didn't hate it so we will call it all good.

We got home at about 2am with both the girls strapped in but sound asleep across each other and thoroughly happy with their evening. They didn't stop talking about how much fun they had until late yesterday so I will take that as a good sign and patiently wait for some more good movies so we can go again.

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