Saturday, August 8, 2009


I have now eaten the Chilli and had to come back to confirm that it was, in fact, totally AWESOME! That recipe will now be going on the frequently made list. It is really good as you can fry it all up and then pop it in the slow cooker and leave it there all day. You can find the recipe at Exclusively Food and just so you know, everything I have made from this site has turned out great.

Original Post:
Boy, do you wish that there was such a thing as Smell-O-Web, kind of along the same vein as smell-o-vision. At this very moment I am in the middle of cooking an amazing home made Chilli con Carne. At the moment it is minus the beans as it still has about 4 hours to cook before they are added, but is smells SOOO GOOD!! It even smelled good enough to get J out of bed and that is an achievement, especially since he went to bed so late.

We are all, well except PJ who doesn't like spicy, looking forward to dinner tonight.

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