Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun Differences

It is funny how different 2 children from the same family can be. We have always had the rule that if they don't eat all of their dinner, they need to go to bed. Paige hates this rule, she will fight against it if at all possible. She will sit at the table eating tiny bits of cold food just so she will not have to go to bed. Eventually we put a time limit on her and she has to go to bed if she is not done when the time runs out. Even then, it results in a barrage of tears and "but I want to finish". Charli on the other hand, dinner unfinished, gets up from the table and says "I go to bed now" and off she goes upstairs and puts herself to bed, not a peep to be heard for the rest of the night.

Totally different, but both gorgeous.

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