Monday, July 20, 2009

School Holidays

It is hard to believe that we are already into the second semester of school, it wasn't that long ago that we were thinking about how grown up PJ was starting in Prep and now it is already half over. Wow, that went fast.

The mid-year holidays came and went and unlike the last lot of holidays which flew by and before we knew it we were back at school and had done not really anything, this time we fit quite a bit more in.

For the first four days of the holidays, we did not much, relaxed at home watched movies, played games and got whinged at. The girls were pretty good and did not engage in arguing as a favourite passtime, thank goodness. Our fun started on the Friday of the first week. Daddy took the day off of work so that we could spend the day together as he was not going to be around for the following weekend due to a work trip to Tasmania, although when I say work, I mean it in the way that work was paying for them all to go to Tasmania to drink the state out of alcohol....

On Thursday we were talking to the girls about the fact that Daddy was staying home from work on the next day and what would they like to do. We ended up coming up with Sovereign Hill in Ballarat or going to the Museum. We looked them up on the internet (what a wonderful invention) and explained what they both were and then gave the girls the choice. Paige picked the Museum as her preferred destination which was not really a surprise as they just happened to have a dinosaur bones exhibit on and she LOVES dinosaurs, I think I may have touched on this once before. Anyway, we traipsed off to the museum and the girls got to see the dinosaur bones and were suitably impressed by how large they were. We also saw the Pompeii exhibition which was mainly for my sake and I loved it. Paige and Charli also enjoyed looking at all of the jewellery and such from such a long time ago and of course the little 3D movie of the exploding volcano. They did have some body casts, but we only looked at that briefly....bit too freaky.

Also, much to my surprise, Paige decided that she wanted to see the off we went to the insects and bugs....hmmm. Funny that once we got there, she got all creeped out and wouldn't go within 2 metres of any of the "live" spider...hehe, Charli on the other hand had her face pressed up against the glass of the tarantula enclosure with the actual live tarantula about 10 centimetres away from her. She thought it was great, the rest of us...not so much.

The rest of the weekend was quiet apart from the Paige and Daddy trip to Harry Potter on the Sunday afternoon which was a 6 week standing date as they were playing all of the old movies leading up to the release of the new one.

On Monday we went to the Scienceworks with some friends who live down that way, being near the coast on the other side of town. The kids had a great time and we finished it off with icecream at McDonalds before making the trip under the Yarra to pick Daddy up from work. The girls thought the "really long tunnel" was cool. On the Tuesday we caught up with some other friends for dressing up and more McDonalds, lots more fun. Wednesday was a much needed rest day at home with not alot going on, although Paige seemed to think that there must be someone we could visit. Thursday we caught up with some new friends we made thanks to their cat, a whole other story. We went off to bogan park to play on the equipment that remains after some idiots thought it would be fun to set fire to and melt the new $400000 park....again I say IDIOTS!!! Friday we met up with a family from school at the Eltham North Adventure Playground and again followed it up guessed it, McDonalds. Then videos for Friday night while Dad was in Tasmania.

Since he also wasn't back in time for Harry Potter, Paige got to go with her "boyfriend" from school. Apparently they had a good time and there was lots of hand holding and cheek kissing involved....a little worrying, but then they are only 5 and both affectionate children so of course there is nothing to it but them being friends and having fun together. I must admit I am looking forward to the "boys are yucky stage" rather than the "I have 5 boyfriends and Ben kisses me all the time stage."

All in all, it was a pretty busy school holiday and I think Paige is still struggling a bit to get back to her normal well rested self. I am just trying to get her in bed at a decent time every night although that can be difficult when they sleep right next to each other and insist on whispering so loudly I can hear them from 2 rooms and a flight of stairs away....oh well, at least they love each other.

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