Monday, July 27, 2009

Puffing Billy - The Epic

After a bit of a slow start (needed to buy myself and PJ a new jacket) we headed off to Belgrave only to discover that we had neither the Boy's GPS nor a Melway....oh dear. I used the WhereIs directory on my phone only we ended up a little lost. Thankfully, the Boy is pretty good at finding where to go and we got there without too much of a "being lost" delay. We got in line to buy tickets for the train which goes to the end of the line at Gembrook. The timetable was such that the trip each way would be 2 hours and the time spend there would be almost 2 hours and we would be back to Belgrave at about 4.30ish. Patiently standing in line, only to miss out on the train by 2 people, they had to cut off the people getting on as otherwise the train would be running too late. At first there was much grumpyness and talk of just packing it in and going home as the next train was not for an hour.

Eventually I decided to ignore the grumpy's and get back in line for the next train which was heading to Lakeside. The Lakeside trip was an hour each way with about 40mins at the stop. We got tickets for this one and off we went. We all had a great time, the girls in particular who kept declaring "THIS IS AWESOME" so I could safely assume that they were having fun. In the end, it worked out really well as it was FREEZING, even with lots of layers, a scarf and a new toasty warm jacket. We were very glad that we went on the short trip and short stay rather than the long one as we might have all turned into human shaped ice cubes rather than just taking 2 hours to defrost when we got home. At least it was lots of fun.

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