Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sitting on Ducks

This morning The Boy and I had a good laugh. When he came downstairs this morning, both of the girls were sitting on the ducts or ducks as they are known. Paige on the one at the bottom of the stairs and Charli on the one by the window. Chester had been relegated to the duck under my desk and he was not very happy about it either. The thing that was funny about it was that we both remember sitting in front of gas wall heaters when we were kids. In the middle of winter when the only heater in the house was a gas wall heater in the lounge room. I remember we would get out of bed and run to the lounge room to sit by the heater or after having a bath and getting dressed in front of the heater. Mum would put our clothes in front of the heater to get warm before we put them on. And of course, Mum, who was always standing in front of the heater to get warm.

It is amazing how to girls being funny and keeping warm can bring back so many memories. We don't have a wall heater, but they do the same thing, just differently.

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