Monday, July 27, 2009

What Fun

I saw this on Mamamia's blog today. It was posted a few days ago, but I only just got to it. I love because not only is it good fun, but it gets across the real joy of a wedding that you don't normally experience. This couple and video has become somewhat of a sensation and you can definitely see why.

As was written about it in the Washington Post:

"this ceremony went deeper than behaviors. It elicited all the right feelings, in the way that good dancing transfers energy and emotion to its audience. In the way they moved -- and were able to corral their friends and family into the act -- the couple told us a lot about themselves, and about their bond.

This didn't look like a reluctant groom being dragged to the altar, nor a micromanaging bridezilla who had locked down every detail. They were open to music and movement and untucked shirts and sweat, and they gave to their guests what had to be the best party favor of all. An actual party.

Maybe we'll see the Heinz ensemble next on "So You Think You Can Dance." Maybe Jill and Kevin will go on to choreograph for the Vikings cheerleaders, or start up a wedding-planning business. Maybe not.

Whatever their future, they did with that performance what great dancers can do. They pulled us all into their story."

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