Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday weekend

The Boy always takes a day off for his birthday, it is a tradition. This year his birthday was on a Friday so he took the day off, Paige got the day off school and we enjoyed a long weekend. The Boy spent Friday with one of his mates while the girls and I went shopping ...mmmm retail therapy, fun. On Friday night, a wonderful friend watched the girls for us and we headed out to dinner and a movie, also a birthday tradition.

We were going to go to a chinese restaurant in Doncaster that we were fond of, but after not being able to get through to them on the phone, we decided on a drive by only to find out they were no longer in operation, oh well. We headed for Crown which is were I had booked tickets for the latest Harry Potter as all the other theaters near us were sold out. While we were waiting in line for the tickets, I saw a restaurant advertised called Sho. It is a new noodle bar in the Crown complex and as neither of us are huge fans of the other restaurants, we thought we should try it out. We found the place with a little help from a kind security guard and the food was delicious and eased the Boy's craving for Asian food so all was good. The movie was also excellent and we had a good night.

On Saturday we had decided to take the girls for a trip on Puffing Billy and this is another story all on its own. We had a great day after a rough start and everyone came home exhausted.

On Sunday, the Boy took Paige to see the latest Harry Potter movie which wound up their Sunday afternoon movie trips. He made sure before they went that she knew there would be one bit that she would have to close her eyes for as it was a little too scary. It was not gross scary, just gives you a bit of a fright. Anyway, of course after such a busy weekend, someone fell asleep during the movie so instead of telling Paige to close her eyes, he just snored (quietly) at her. She only "jumped out of my seat a little bit" but it was all good and she enjoyed the movie and he enjoyed his sleep.

Now I think a quiet weekend is in order to recover from this one.

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