Monday, August 31, 2009

Very Proud of PJ

Just recently the Preps have had literacy and numeracy week and have been working with their buddies in Yr 5/6. Today at assembly, Paige and Mason, who is in her class, spoke in front of the whole school about what they had learned. Apparently when their teacher asked for volunteers, Paige and Mason were the only 2 to put their hands up. As you can imagine I was terribly proud of her, she learned her part of the speech really well and was not at all nervous, although, I didn't once ask her if she was so I wouldn't induce a case of the "wriggly tummy". It wasn't until we were on the way into school this morning that she told me she was a bit scared and after some encouragement, she was fine. She did really well, she got a bit quiet towards the end of her speech, but it was the first time she has ever spoken with a microphone so WELL DONE Peach, Mummy is very proud and I am sure Daddy will be when he gets back.

Here it is:

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