Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh what a lovely Christmas

And it was. After preparing to have a really quiet Christmas at home with just the 4 of us, it was decided at the last minute to visit friends who live in a lovely part of the country and have a small farm. Not only is it beautiful, relaxing and quiet, there are cats and dogs and sheep and even a calf. The girls have a ball and do all sorts of things that I would not normally expect of them like running through the paddocks with no shoes, not only is there bugs, but there is sheep and cow dung....they always come back with black feet. Like I said they have a ball. Paige also has a friend there so not only was she the only one that went to church with Rach, but she also got to have a playdate while on holidays. She also was lucky enough to go to the family bbq and pool party and had a blast.

Apart from relaxing, we went to the town Santa parade, a church bbq, out for dinner (where half of the stuff on the menu they didn't have and the coffee machine was broken), to the beach and berry picking. The berry picking was great, while PJ wandered around with a pretty empty bucket, Charli took great joy in pulling LOTS of blackberries off the bushes and we came home with alot of rasperries and a huge variety of black berries. Not only that but we paid for a kilo what we would normally pay for 250gms.

All in all it was lovely and we all had a great time. Now time enjoy what is left of the time before Paige starts school. I cannot believe it has gone so fast, it seems like just yesterday she was starting Kinder.

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