Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bunkbed Chaos

Bunkbeds are pretty much the only way that we can get both the girls into full size beds in their tiny bedroom. The only other way was to get a bed with a trundle and that would be a pain. Before I bought the bunkbeds I did a lot of research as I wanted to make sure that the ones I bought were as safe as possible. Anyway, I ended up deciding on one that has a really low bottom bunk and the top one is not too high and has a guard rail the whole way around, no gaps apart from the ladder.

What I didn't take into account however, is the 5 year old who thought that it would be really fun to try and do a backflip off the top bunk using the ladder as her brace. She slid down the ladder backwards and head first only to land, surprisingly to her, on her head. The funny thing was, as usual, she was wearing a headband so now she has a 10cm rail line on her head from where the teeth of the headband pushed into her head when she landed on it. Oh and to top it all off, there was blood.....oh dear, end of the world, epic stuff.

Whilst it wasn't very funny at the time, 15 hours later, I am starting to see the funny side. 10 minutes later, she was putting on another head band and told me in very certain tones that she would not be trying that again.....at least, not until next time. I just reminded her to take off her headband next time.

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