Sunday, November 9, 2008


My youngest is a thumbsucker....the problem is, she is now 2.5yrs old. When the older one was 2.5yrs old, she no longer had a dummy, so why should Charli still be able to have her thumb (yes I do realise it is attached to her which makes it not so easy to get rid of). We decided that we should try to get her to stop sucking her thumb, or at least start now or she will be sucking it forever and while it is really cute the way she sucks her thumb and rubs her nose with her puppy's ear, it would not be so cute if she were 18. So far we have been doing ok, when she is told to take her thumb out, she simply does it and says "ok" sometimes she follows up with "Thumb in Mama" and when I say no she says "ok". The best one so far is when I told her to take her thumb out and she said "ok, finger in?" holding up her pinkie finger.....very funny. Anyway, it has been 2 days so we will keep going with telling her to take it out and see how we go. Updates to follow.

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