Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know that a lot of Mum's either compare their children with other people as if it is a competition as to who did what first. You know the whole "little Johnny started walking at 13 months"....."well little Jenny was walking at 11 months" like there is something meaningful in your child doing something earlier than someone else's. It somehow makes you feel like a better or more successful mum, which we all know is not the case, but sometime you catch yourself doing it all the same.

My thing currently is, do you compare your own children with each other? I have 2 girls, so for a start there will always be comparisons as they are the same sex. Then add to that the fact that my first one was quick at picking up everything, walking, talking, toilet training, feeding herself, saying goodbye to her dummy, dressing herself and so forth. On the other hand, my second one is not so quick. It is not like she has a problem, it is just that she is different. I often find myself thinking, well Paige was doing this by now so why isn't Charli? For example, Paige said goodbye to her dummy with no complaints at approx 18 months, Charli is 2.5 years and is still sucking her thumb. Paige was toilet trained at 2 years and Charli is not interested and doesn't have a problem sitting in wet pants.

So....what to do. I know I shouldn't compare them as they are totally different both in looks and personality, one sits and watches the other does and this goes for most things in their lives. About the only thing they really share is their lack of inhibitions as they are both extremely outgoing and sociable. I must remember that each is different and Charli will do things when SHE is ready, not when Paige was ready.

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